Community Christian School was founded in 1996 with the vision of providing advanced academics with a strong Christian based curriculum and focus.  Much of the school's philosophy is based on the biblical principle of a "cord of 3 strands," emphasizing the benefits received when the home, church, and school work together in the educational life of a child.        

The school is non-profit, non-denominational, is not supported by any one church, and the typical student enrollment represents 10-15 churches in the Pampa community.  Originally housed in Trinity Church, the school operated as a standalone school from 1998-2007.  A move was made in the summer of 2007 to Briarwood Church, where their new Family Life Center offered a facility better suited to the needs and vision of this growing school.  In the fall of 2010, another move was required to accommodate the continued growth of CCS.  CCS is currently housed in the education wing of the Community Christian Church of Pampa.  With this move comes a new era of purposeful planning for growth to ensure that we build well upon the foundation and history that has been established at Community Christian School.

Today & Tomorrow

Community Christian School is proud to continue serving Pampa, TX.  We serve Pampa by providing a Christ-centered education for students Pre-K through 8th grade.  As we celebrate the past, we continue to look to the future and continue in our rich tradition.

We Are Proud To Offer:

* Christ-Centered Education

* Traditional Classroom Approach

* Grades K-4 through 8th

* Outstanding Academic Achievement

* Standardized Testing To Assure Achievement