Community Christian School has a clear sense of mission to incorporate Biblical foundational principles with excellence in academics in a cooperative effort with the student, parent, and school.  Community Christian school is committed to the concept that children are best prepared for a life of faith and service for Christ when they are nurtured by all three of the key influences on their lives; the home, the church, and the school.

Philosophy of Education

In striving to deliver a preparatory education of the highest academic standards and caliber, we freely teach from a Christian world view which acknowledges the following: that God is the basis of all life and the creator of all things; that the bible is His inspired word and the basis of all truth; that in only him can a person find purpose and meaning for their life, and that redemption comes through the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Classes are characterized by individual attention and enrichment.  Scripture is taught as truth, and that truth is integrated into the learning experience.  The aim for Community Christian is to develop students with a biblical worldview who are prepared academically.  The balance of academic and spiritual training helps develop responsibility, decision-making skills, and self-esteem..